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Terms and conditions

I confirm that I fully understand all these info belowe by clicking on I agree with the terms.
I agree that all information and communication between me and business subject  ICO:  74697765 and and all information about the ladies are strictly confidential. Disclosure of any confidential information, business models and how business subject  ICO:  74697765 works or disclosure of any communication will violate privacy and confidentiality laws and will be subject to legal action and will be subject to penalty.Cancellation or refund of the membership is subject to the individual compromise between business subject  ICO:  74697765 and its members. I understand that if I am American citizent I have to proceed IMBRA truthfully and I confirm these conditions by sending payment.
We are matchmakers, yet as much as we try, we very much regret that we are not miracle workers. We cannot perform unrealistic matches.
Your payment is for our time and matchmaking process and the rest is up to you and the lady. As much as we try, ultimately, it is the lady's decision whether she will contact you or not.
We will do our best to satisfy your requirements, but like most things in life, cannot guarantee that we will find exactly what you're looking for. If you have very specific requirements, we strongly recommend that you  please contact us first before proceeding with payment and we can let you know if we can accomodate you. The payment is not refundable if you change your mind after you proceed the payment - we can do exception but that is only after individual compromise of  business subject  ICO:  74697765 and its members.
By agreeing to pay for one of our membership options, you agree to the following: we will do our best to match a lady based on your requirements, but cannot guarantee results. You agree that you understand this is a limitation in any matchmaking process. Our credit prices of $90 for 15 credits, and $220 for 100 credits and out fees from 490 Euros up to 2990 Euros and well as administration fees are non-refundable.
By clicking this statement, you agree to these terms and conditions, and will not legally hold us liable to outcome of the matchmaking service.
For pricing and membership options, we offer the following:
The Pre-meeting membership:
up to 4 contact details 495 Euros
up to 8 contact details 695 Euros
Face to Face membership:
up to 3 face to face dates  690 Euros
up to 7 face to face dates  1190 Euros
There is also a one-time administrative fee of 190 Euros which you only pay once for life. If you want to choose another membership later on you
you will never have to pay this fee again. This fee covers the initial processing of your profile and any personal information and photographs that you send us.
To maximize your chances of finding a beautiful lady, we recommend either the 8 contacts details or 7 face to face meeting membership as it gives you up to 6 months to use up all the dates. In addition, the higher membership option entitles you to a much wider and better selection of beautiful women that you can meet.
For clients who will stay in Prague for some time and like highly custom-tailored services and meeting very special ladies we offer VIP membership for 8 months.
This includes unlimited SUCCESSFUL introductions to the most charismatic and beautiful ladies in our agency. These ladies are very sophisticated and they are only introduced to VIP
members. We devote the maximum effort finding ladies that meet the exact requirements of our VIP members.
Successful introduction means that we will inform all new registered ladies within 8 months of you and whenever we receive confirmation of any lady we will forward you her contact details.
One of the exclusive tools we use for our VIP clients is a client-tailored advertising campaign
that helps them find the right women from an even wider selection of ladies, many who will not have contacts with any other client and are only interested in meeting just that one specific VIP client. Although part of the VIP package and at no additional cost to you, we only start the advertising campaign upon request, as some of our clients like to maintain a low-profile.
Additional services available to VIP members are assistance in communicating with women, dating advice, relationship coaching and tips with particular ladies.
The cost of VIP membership is 2990 Euros.

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